Partner Program



Why should you partner with us?


It is simple. We pay facebook group admins like yourself when you bring customers to our business.


We pay you 10% for every single purchase your customers make with us.

We also pay you £1 for every single customer of yours that registers with us.



How it works?


1. We give you an image with a gift card which contains a unique code, something like this image

2. You send a message with this gift card image to your group members.

3. That’s it! Your job is done.

When your facebook group members sign up with the unique code, they get 10% discount for selected services. 

 You get 10% of everything they spend with us for all purchases they will make in the future. In addition, we also pay you £1 because your members registered with us. 



How do you receive money?


1.  On the gift card we give you, there is a unique code that identifies you. For example code: COM


2.  You get £1 when your customer downloads our mobile app and enters the code COM


3. You also get 10% of the amount spent for every single purchase your customer makes with us.

      For example for a home cleaning service of £100, you get £10.



What services are we selling on

     Home cleaning




     Dancing classes..etc



MyStreet Technology Limited